Serbia, biggest importer in Kosovo

Serbia, biggest importer in Kosovo

Pristina, January 30, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo’s Agency of Statistics has published the data relating to imports and exports for December 2014.

These data indicate a lower trade deficit for December 2014 by 198,4 million Euros compared to the 201,4 million Euros deficit in the same period of 2013. Export covers 11,8% of imports.

The countries where Kosovo exported were: China with 27,2%, Albania with 14, 9%, India with 12,3%, FYR Macedonia with 10%, Montenegro with 5,2%, Serbia with 4,6%. Germany with 3,2%, etc.

Meanwhile, the countries that Kosovo imported from were: Serbia with 13,8%, Germany with 12,1%, Turkey with 9,3%, Italy with 9,1%, China with 8,2%, Albania with 6,6%, FYROM with 5,4%, etc.

56,1% of exports consist of metals and their byproducts; food, beverages and tobacco make up for 8,8%, mineral products make up for 7,5%, machinery makes up for 6,1%, etc.

Food, beverage and tobacco make up for 15,8% of imports, mineral products make up for 15,4%, machinery, mechanical and electrical appliances make up for 14,1%, transport equipment make up for 7,8%, etc. /ibna/