“Serb List” is thinking on returning to the institutions of Kosovo

“Serb List” is thinking on returning to the institutions of Kosovo

Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Branimir Stojanovic says that the return of Serb MPs in the parliament of Kosovo depends on the discussions that follow in the coming days in Brussels.

“It is important to start from zero and implement the agreements achieved in Brussels. If there’s a readiness to implement them, then we may return to institutions”, Stojanovic said.

He said that the talks are a good opportunity to calm down tension on both sides.

“The climate in Kosovo is difficult and it resembles to March 2004 when there were cross ethnic incidents. At this moment, what’s important is for the situation and tension to calm down”, he said.

Speaking on the creation of the Association of Serb Communes, Stojanovic said that it was important to see how the talks in Brussels will evolve and that he expects progress to be made.

Serb List MPs and representatives of this list in the government of Kosovo have “frozen’ their participation in central institutions, in response to the delays in the creation of the Association, the approval of the law on Trepca and the law on Strategic Investments by the parliament of Kosovo. /balkaneu.com/