Serb List: Belgrade “decides” on Kosovo’s Army

Serb List: Belgrade “decides” on Kosovo’s Army

Pristina, 17 September 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Transformation of Kosovo Security Forces into an army continues to be hindered by MPs of minorities, namely, by the Serb List.

The head of the parliamentary group of this party, Slavko Simic says that Serb List representatives are holding meetings with the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, but there’s nothing conclusive yet.

Speaking on this issue, he specifies that the Serb List consults the Serb government on important decisions.

“Recently, media in Kosovo have spread the news that the leader of the Serb List, Aleksandar Jablanovic has talked to PM Isa Mustafa and has offered him support for the creation of the Army. This is not true, as Jablanovic has not talked to Mustafa about the voting. But, I have information that several officials of the Serb community  have talked to Mustafa on the transformation of FSK into an Army, but I have no more details on this meeting”, he said.

Simic says that the Serb Lists’ aim is not to block the creation of the army. “Our aim is to work hard for the economic development of the country, cohabitation and the creation of new jobs”. Simic also says that the Serb List will support everything that has to do with the Serb community. /ibna/