“Serb courts unjustly condemned two thousand Kosovo Albanians”

“Serb courts unjustly condemned two thousand Kosovo Albanians”

From 1998 until 2000, Serb courts have unjustly condemned 1874 Kosovo Albanians, many of whom were transferred to Serb prisons after the end of the war in Kosovo in June 1999, the report presented by Human Liberties Center (HLC) says.

“The report points out several violations of the law, but it also stresses the fact that many people in the justice system who were active in these processes, still hold important posts today”, said Budimir Ivanisevic, head of Belgrade based HLC.

The report says that in 1996 and 1997, prosecutors of the circuit of Kosovo started to indict many Albanian ethnics for terrorism and other crimes.

After Serb forces left Kosovo at the end of the war in June 1999, Albanians of Kosovo, who were being prosecuted, were transferred to Serbia and their trials were handled by Serb courts.

HLC’s report claims that Serb institutions made a number of human rights violations and ignored the claims of arrested Kosovo Albanians that they were being treated in an inhumane way and in some cases, they were coerced through torture to confess.

According to HLC’s report, a considerable number of judges and prosecutors, who handled cases of Kosovo Albanians, still work for Serb state agencies and Serb judicial system. /balkaneu.com/