Šeranić: Number of infections in Republika Srpska on the rise

Šeranić: Number of infections in Republika Srpska on the rise

Republika Srpska Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Alen Šeranić, stated Thursday in Banjaluka that the rate of individuals infected with coronavirus on a daily basis was high, citing that 387 people were infected in Srpska within the last 24 hours as an example.

“We have increased the number of tested samples, which will be continued. The situation in hospitals is such that the number of people in treatment is increasing. We have about 350 people who have been hospitalized, while the estimates indicate that we will face a complex situation if this trend continues”, Šeranić said at a press conference regarding the corona-virus caused epidemiological situation.

He points out that Srpska is facing a very challenging period and that an assessment of the current situation will be made tomorrow in order to propose additional measures.

“We will have to take activities related to the use of additional capacities, but also be ready for a solution that implies the redistribution of hospitals. It would mean that half of them will be used for the treatment of infected patients, and half for regular patients or all hospitals will be Covid, which will depend on the situation”, Šeranić said.

He also stated that in his Ministry he had updated the recommendations and forwarded them to all health centres, advising them what to do regarding the examination, how to refer patients.

“The thing I must mention is that all European Union countries are recording infamous numbers of infected patients and the only measures are those towards the community and the individual and they are being taken at this time. In addition to caring for Covid-19 patients, we must be aware that we must provide health care to other patients, suffering from other illnesses”, Šeranic noted.

The director of the Republika Srpska University Clinical Centre (UCC), Vlado Đajić, appealed to the residents to respect the prescribed measures in the fight against coronavirus and stated that 50 infected patients had been admitted to the UCC in the last two days.

The director of the Public Health Institute, Branislav Zeljković, said that the largest number of infected people was from Banjaluka./ibna