Security experts comment the referendum in FYROM

Security experts comment the referendum in FYROM

The Prespa agreement and the success of the referendum which will be held on September 30 is an opportunity to improve security in the region, security experts in Skopje say.

Zoran Todorov of the Diplomatic Corpus, says that the Prespa Agreement aims at putting an end to a number of disputes and to improve regional security.

“Some of the benefits that the country will have include the protection of the Macedonian identity, Macedonia’s accession in the NATO and improvement of security, strengthening of sovereignty and many other benefits”, Todorov said.

Blagoja Markovski of the Balkan Forum for Defence says that nobody knows how the process will continue until the result of the referendum comes out.

“Who will be held responsible if the country is not given such opportunity, if the Russian influence grows and if cross-ethnic relations worsen?”, Markovski says.

Meanwhile, the international community has underlined that the success of the referendum will also improve security in the country and the region.  /ibna/