Security Council to discuss on Kosovo today

Security Council to discuss on Kosovo today

Pristina, 29 February 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The last report issued by UN Secretary General at the start of this month will be discussed in the Security Council.

Although this document doesn’t include events taken place during the second half of January and February, it issues lots of criticism against opposition parties by accusing them of being directly responsible for violence on the streets and parliament of Kosovo.

“The ongoing use of violence by opposition parties in parliament and in the streets of cause, is a cause for concern”, Ban Ki-moon says.

In his report, the UN Secretary General has also considered the judgment of the Constitutional Court on the process of creation of the Association of Serb Communes as an important step to stress that “the agreed procedures for the creation of the Association are not meeting the deadlines”.

This time too, Kosovo will be represented by Kosovo’s ambassador in the USA, Vlora Citaku, a decision taken by the government of Kosovo to lower the level of representation from the Prime Minister or Foreign Minister to the ambassador due to the reduced role of UNMIK in Kosovo.

This has followed consultations with the allies, a government source says. Meanwhile, permanent members such as the US and Great Britain have demanded the reduction of the sessions for Kosovo two at least twice a year as opposed to every three months, but this has been objected by another permanent member, Russia. /ibna/