UN Secretary General condemns violence manifested by opposition parties

UN Secretary General condemns violence manifested by opposition parties

Pristina, 9 November 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon has condemned the use of violence by opposition parties in Kosovo in his recent reports on the developments in Kosovo.

“I condemn the use of violence and the fact that opposition parties are trying to prevent normal proceedings in the parliament of Kosovo and also the unacceptable physical attacks by the activists of the opposition against the Prime Minister and government members”, the report says.

Ban Ki-moon called on political actors to restrain themselves from rhetoric and actions which may be against the principles and norms of a civil and democratic society.

“Such acts damage public’s trust in these institutions and the image of Kosovo in the world. I call on the opposition to fulfill their obligations with responsibility and maturity, respecting the democratic process and institutions for which they were elected”, the report states.

The Secretary General has once again talked about the Brussels’ talks, praising “the constant progress and the agreements reached between Belgrade and Pristina, especially on the creation of the Association of Serb Communes”.

Ban Ki-moon says that the creation of this Association “is a crucial step toward the full implementation of this historical agreement and further improvement of the life of the people of Kosovo”.

The Secretary General has also praised the approval of the creation of the Special Tribunal by the parliament of Kosovo, considering it “a decisive progress to demonstrate Kosovo’s commitment toward the basic principles of justice and accountability”.

On 19 November, the members of the Security Council will debate and evaluate the quarterly developments presented in this report. /ibna/