Second round of elections in Kosovo, political parties focus on the capital

Second round of elections in Kosovo, political parties focus on the capital

In the second round of local government elections in Kosovo, political parties have focused on winning the race in the capital.

The two candidates for the mayor of Pristina are Shpend Ahmeti of Self Determination and Arban Abrashi of LDK.

Based on the results in the first round of voting, Ahmeti received 38 thousand and 294 votes or 43.61%, while Abrashi obtained 31 thousand and 428 votes or 35.79%. Third on the list was AKR’s candidate, Selim Pacolli with 10% of the votes.

Self Determination candidate, Shpend Ahmeti, who is also current mayor of Pristina, says that citizens will have to choose between two models and according to him, they cannot go back to the model prior to 2013.

“We have stopped corruption. Problems now no longer relate to a local government which steals, but rather, on problems such as 24 hour water supply in the capital, which has already been secured, public transport with 51 new buses and so on”, Ahmeti said.

The candidate of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Arban Abrashi says that his party’s program for the capital is based on the demands of the citizens and according to him, there are 320 different projects which must be implemented in different parts of Pristina.

“We have allocated the employment fund, we have extended economic zones and we have created new economic zones. Other problems relate to people’s daily lives. We will reduce property tax, we will build Pristina’s hospital and we will build seven schools”, Abrashi said.

Meanwhile, Self Determination candidate has struck a deal on Wednesday with AKR’s candidate, Selim Pacolli, while Arban Abrashi of LDK has guaranteed the support of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK). /