SDP postoponed troubleshooting for the fall

SDP postoponed troubleshooting for the fall


By Marija Avramovic – Zagreb

Presidency of Social Democratic Party (SDP) agreed yesterday afternoon that the Main Committee meeting will be in the first week of September, the party vice-president Zlatko Komadina told reporters, after the session of the Presidency, which lasted less than an hour.

Although he personally has repeatedly insisted that the main committee should meet as soon as possible, in order to confirm Ivo Josipovic as SDP’s candidate for President, but also to talk about the low rating of the party and the government of prime minister Zoran Milanovic and the loss of the elections in Vukovar and other municipalities, Komadina after the session said they didn’t talk about any of these questions.

He confirmed only that he was dissatisfied with the decision of the main committee for the meeting to take place in the fall.

“The committee should have been convened earlier, because it is by the Statute the body that determines the support to a presidential candidate. It is different when this is a matter of preference of each of us, if you ask any SDP member it’s Ivo Josipovic, but this decision must be made by the party’s body”, he said.

When asked whether the SDP has a plan to adress its low ratings, he responded that the ratings can be increased by everyone working their best in their area of responsibility.

“People do not care what happens in the SDP. It Interestes them to live better; the government must show how our county can do better and what’s more as a County Prefect, so in the city of Rijeka Split also, we should all get to work and politics wil stilll be there, politics is a factor of the job”, said Komadina.

Ahead of the meeting, the Party’s Vice-President Gordan Maras said they will discuss the relevant issues and that a meeting of the main committee should not be expected until the Presidency prepares the program and organizational material for the session.

“We will prepare all the things that need to be done for the main committee to convene. That is how one should lead the party, and not to call for a meeting of the main committee for the sake of convening”,  Maras said to reporters on Ibler Square.

Asked to comment on the defeat of SDP member Zeljko Sabo on the elections for the mayor of Vukovar, Maras said he was sorry Sabo lost the elections because he “made ​​a lot of good quality stuff for Vukovar”.

He is convinced that Sabin’s defeat is a result of the campaign of the Croatian Democratic Union(HDZ), which has intensified the rights of the Serbian national minority in the official use of their language in Vukovar.

While acknowledging that Sabo was harmed by corruption scandals, Komadina believes that the loss of the elections was crucialy influenced by the fact that he had no clear support from SDP.

“I think at even at this point most claim that he was not in a position to be the candidate of the party. I’ve seen that the HDZ candidate had a very good ‘bus’ support”, said Komadina.