SDA demands the dismissal of BiH Minister

SDA demands the dismissal of BiH Minister

Sarajevo, July 19, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

The party of Democratic Action (SDA) delegate at the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sadik Ahmetović, while determining the agenda of Tuesday’s session, filed a demand for the dismissal of the BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs, Igor Crnadak.

The MPs approved his initiative and it was sent in the parliamentary procedure. It means that the Parliament will discuss this issue possibly on the ongoing session. Crnadak’s “sin” was that, several weeks ago, forbid the employees in the Ministry which he leads, to participate in preparations for commemoration ceremony in Potocari, Srebrenica. As he explained, the decision like that was necessary because the actual Srebrenica Mayor, Camil Durakovic, stated that representatives of Serbia are not welcomed on the commemoration because last year’s visit of Serbian PM, Aleksandar Vucic, was marked by attack on him and his delegation. Durakovic said that more words were spent on the attack and that event than on the victims of Srebrenica genocide. Also, he stated that Vucic and other Serbian officials do not accept the genocide as the historic fact and that “There is no place for such officials on the commemoration until they recognize the genocide and accept the verdict of International Court of Justice”.

But, according to Crnadak, this was a statement which is not in accordance with BiH foreign policy. That was the reason to forbid the participation in preparations of commemoration held July 11. Crnadak in that time said that he cannot allow the Foreign Ministry employees to take part because it would mean that it is the stance of official BiH institutions.

This decision was not welcomed by SDA and other Bosniak parties and made them very angry. In several announcements from different political parties, Bosniak officials condemned his decision. In the following days, Crnadak had to explain that he didn’t forbid the participation on the commemoration but rather participation in the preparations of the commemoration ceremony”, saying that there is a big difference.

“I want to emphasize that all foreign officials from countries in the region are welcomed in BiH, on any place and at any time”, Crnadak said, adding that one of the most important goals of biH foreign policy is the “development of good relations with neighbouring countries”.

He also said that the ministry will, and it has, assist organisers and foreign officials to make the event successful and dignified, as it should be.

But, it was not enough. SDA didn’t forget his decision and Ahmetovic is just the man who triggered this issue in BiH Parliament. He explained his demand with the, as he said, fact that Crnadak had enough power to ban the Ministry employees to participate despite the fact that Memorial center in Potocari is a BiH state institution.

“It is correct that the statements of Srebrenica officials are damaging good neighborly relations, but they the answer to all those who deny the genocide as a fact”, said Ahmetovic in his demand for Crnadak dismissal.

Crnadak, who is in the official visit to Canada, shortly commented that he just reacted on the statements that disrupt the official policy of the state.

“Every MP has the right to submit any initiative”, Crnadak stated.

Photo: Mladen Dragojlovic