Schopenhauer from Krivogashtani

Schopenhauer from Krivogashtani

Erol Rizaov

The little man from Budapest showed up with a great thought to encourage his followers into the homeland to win the battles for justice that would bring him back as Don Quixote riding Rocinante to bring back the time of knights and feudalism. Restoration of tyranny is required in the duels with windmills. Nikola Gruevski quotes the great German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: “to recognize someone else’s value, one should have their own. It’s what we call “Great thoughts from little people” who are the biggest victims of their own lies.
The man in exile, in his solitude, idealizes his poor performance by thinking that his great achievements in robbing and raping his homeland cannot be recognized by those who have not achieved it. He is proud of his ignorance, citing Schopenhauer in an offensively wrong place, posing as a still great person, almost a dissident in exile. Gruevski is playing Schopenhauer from Krivogashtani, as if he were Hamlet from Gorno Dupeni. His crimes are so great that the thought of the famous philosopher would have to be interpreted as “to condemn other people’s mistakes, they must first confess and condemn their own.” That’s precisely what his miserable remains in the country do. They judge others’ mistakes and they are silent about their misdeeds that for 11 years destroyed and degraded all the values ​​and people that have done something for their country. There was not one single worthy person left untouched who did not comply with their ideology. They were all declared to be enemies, traitors, snitches and foreign mercenaries.
I see his successors at rallies, with no shame whatsoever, drafting indictments for what they themselves need to be held accountable, and for which they are already being tried and received their first verdicts, including his sentence of two years on prison. The sentences for much more serious crimes for which the tyrant is being tried are yet to be imposed. Gruevski should judge himself for all that he did and he should pronounce a sentence of life imprisonment. And now his guards on the throne want to reject all of it, looking for someone to blame for mistakes that need to be equalized with the grave crimes that seriously threaten human rights and freedoms, the supervision of over 20,000 citizens and public figures for years, listening and recording their conversations, the establishment of criminal associations for election irregularities, organizing a bloody coup attempt by violent incursion in the Parliament, unprecedented abuse of powers and functions, complete control of the institutions of the system, parliament, judiciary and the media, completely capturing the state. A state that lasted for a whole decade called the Gruevism, the worst period since Macedonia has been a parliamentary country, times in which the biggest plunder of Macedonian citizens was carried out, a time of flourishing of organized crime and corruption in the realm of political gangsters. The consequences of Gruevism will last for a long time, until the remaining of the remnants of that criminal gang are eradicated, which is still strenuously working to return to the past.
If the election campaign is carefully monitored and, in particular, rallies are clearly reflected that there is only one goal that the current top of VMRO-DPMNE has. And it is to escape justice, to escape prison sentences and avoid returning what they have stolen. It can be achieved in two ways, one is to take the power back that is less likely. And the second is to block Euro-Atlantic integrations, EU and NATO membership, and to get rid of general amnesty, or an abolition of the old or new president of the state, if the non-partisan voluntary victim of VMRO-DPMNE Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova is elected. She looks more like the main character from the proverb “grandma paid two pennies to join the dance, and a hundred to leave”, rather than to the main character of the song “Let me ask you something, grandma”.

If Hristijan Mickoski and his closest associates were to fight for justice, responsibility and for faster development and membership in the EU and NATO, they will make the only correct moves that in such situations are inevitable. Firstly, after the escape of convict Nikola Gruevski, if they no longer had the power to expel him from the party, at least after the escape he should have been dismissed from the post of honorary president and kick him out with all his political and criminal businessmen. They should have given strong support to the judiciary, the regular and special prosecution to prosecute all the crimes of all authorities. Then, with joint efforts, the acceptance of the Prespa Agreement as the only solution for achieving the Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia should have followed next. Of course, Mickoski and the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE decided to block these processes by demanding freedom for Gruevski and his closest associates. They are trying to cover up this catastrophic historical mistake with a patriotic ascension to save the name of the country, with the lie that they will secure entry into the EU and NATO without changing the name, by adding obligations that do not exist in the Prespa Agreement by problematizing of the national affiliation, which is not conditioned by anyone, with pretensions that the Macedonian language is under threat both outside and at home, with a false interpretation of citizenship and another pile of lies about identity marks that are not affected by the Agreement. This is the capital of VMRO-DPMNE and Mickoski in their patriotic struggle to prevent the European future of Macedonia. It is that wrong and dark side of history of which they stood in the fight for the rescue of criminals and criminal associations at the expense of all citizens and the country..

Did you see that gloomy road to the past at the rally in Skopje when a professor of constitutional law, VMRO-educated in a short course of patriotism with a whisper from the last century: Guess who will be your president if there is no turnout. She was trying to say that there would be an express change of the Constitution, party bargaining and finally a Shiptar (offensive word for Albanian) will become president of the Republic of North Macedonia.
Such a chauvinistic outburst of civic activity and a university professor is the lowest I have ever heard in all dirty battles for power. There were a lot of dark statements, but this one is by far the worst. It is already clear from the speeches of the VMRO leaders and some of their representatives on social media. If Stevo Pendarovski wins the first round, or if there is a tie in the second round, a boycott will be announced because Siljanovska’s defeat will be convincing in the second round with the votes that VMRO-DPMNE does not want, and because of which they have violently entered the Parliament to prevent the appointing of Talat Xhaferi as Parliament Speaker due to patriotic reasons. Therefore, the second-round boycott option is maintained on social media.
Non-recognition of the results of the first round will mark the boycott without calling for abstinence.
It would be the last blockade of Macedonia on the European path that may slow down history a bit, but it will never stop it. That would mark the end of VMRO-DPMNE and the fall of the Gruevists in the party top.

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