Schools and university in Kosovo start a general strike

Schools and university in Kosovo start a general strike

Pristina, April 29, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Around 29 thousand teachers have started a strike today in Kosovo, demanding a salary increase. Classes have been suspended in the public schools of the country. A strike is also being held at the University of Pristina.

The head of the Teachers Union, Rrahman Jasharaj says that the reports sent by all schools of Kosovo show that the strike is taking place in the majority of them.

“One or two schools may have not held a strike, but in the majority of them, the strike continues”, Jasharaj says.

Jasharaj says that this union will not withdraw, until the request of paying teachers a 0,5% extra on top of their salary for the years of work, is met.

Speaking about this strike, PM Isa Mustafa said that it’s unnecessary. According to him, the government has done more for teachers than for other civil servants.

Mustafa said that schools are not a place which serve to pay teachers’ salaries, but a place where children learn. “In this country, we have an obligation to take care of children and for our young people to take regular classes and not wander the streets, as a result of the political whims of some individuals in the union”, says the PM.

“I expect teachers to be beside their students and hold classes”, he added.

Minister of Education, Arsim Bajrami said that the strike is unacceptable. However, he announced that as of tomorrow, all teachers will receive a 0,5% salary increase based on their seniority. /ibna/