Schism in DIMAR

Schism in DIMAR

Athens, December 18, 2014/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Schism in DIMAR in view of the perspective cooperation with SYRIZA, which is promoted by the leadership of the party, with MPs being strongly against this scenario.

A few hours before the crucial vote for the President of the Republic, during the joint meeting of the Executive Committee and the Parliamentary Group of the party, three MPs out of ten, Nikos Tsoukalis, Thomas Psyrras and Niki Founta (signed the text of 8) expressed vigorous objections to the alignment with the main opposition party.

“I prefer to go back to my village than to go to elections with Tzakri and Rachel”, Psyrras was quoted as saying in.

“How can you convince me that Rachel Makri is progressive and that you want to form a progressive government with her?”, Nikos Tsoukalis wondered on his part.

Party officials have also expressed their concern about the tactics DIMAR must follow, but as they stress, the low party rates in the polls do not allow St. Constantine to achieve dignified conditions for collusion. As a result there is the “danger of becoming a crutch – and that if they want us in SYRIZA”, as they point out.