Another scandal with Albanian orphans

Another scandal with Albanian orphans

In the Orphanage of Saranda, underage girls go to a striptease club

Tirana, 20 May 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

After the scandal in Shkoder, where three underage girls were reported to have undergone raping and some others maltreatment, another shocking case was denounced: In the Orphanage of Saranda, underage girls go to striptease clubs!

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According to the evidence of the former directress and two caretakers that currently work there, the underage girls go out during the night and attend local night clubs, often accompanied by people who are older than them.

The denouncement was made public on TV. Many of the children go out unaccompanied by their legal custodians, day and night and now that the tourist season is about to start, they roam on the streets of the coastal city and beg.

Former directress of this institution unfolds a very shocking truth, how these underage children live in the absence of supervision. She says that many of them smoke even inside of the Orphanage, they don’t attend their classes, beg and steal.

The former directress says that this orphanage has 35 residential children and 25 children who stay during the day. “For me it’s a real problem that children leave the dormitory without the signature of their legal custodians. One goes to her boyfriend, another 15 year old girl not only smokes, but also encourages the others to smoke. She often goes to a striptease club”, she says.

Another problem that she identifies relates to the fact that the orphans of Saranda roam the streets of the city unaccompanied. “They go out day and night. They do not attend their classes. Now that the tourist season starts, they go to the port where tourists come and beg. They also steal”. /