Sarajevo Olympic venues crumble into oblivion

Sarajevo Olympic venues crumble into oblivion


Review by Christos T. Panagopoulos –

Abandoned and left to crumble into oblivion, most of the 1984 Winter Olympic venues in Bosnia’s capital Sarajevo have been reduced to rubble by neglect as much as the 1992-95 conflict that tore apart the former Yugoslavia.

They were state-of-the-art facilities nearly three decades ago, when Sarajevo made the former Yugoslavia the first communist country to host the Winter Games.

The bobsleigh and luge track became a Bosnian-Serb artillery stronghold during the war and is nowadays a target of frequent vandalism, still bearing the scars of war epitomized by defensive holes drilled by the troops.


A section of the disused bobsleigh track.

Many areas of Mount Bjelasnica, where Bill Johnson became the first American man to win an Olympic skiing gold after a spectacular downhill run, were sites of extensive combat during the fighting and some still pose a mine risk.

Source: Reuters