Samaras-Venizelos decided to ask for a vote of confidence

Samaras-Venizelos decided to ask for a vote of confidence


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

Prime minister Antonis Samaras and deputy prime minister and Foreign minister Evangelos Venizelos have decided to ask for a vote of confidence for the coalition government with the start of the new Plenary Session, on Monday. The two men reached this decision after a meeting they had today at Maximou mansion.

The two leaders also agreed that the process of electing a new President of the Republic will start, as provided by the Constitution, one month before the end of the term of current president Karolos Papoulias, that is next February.

The government coalition is asking for the vote of confidence having two main objectives. The first is to put an end to the centrifugal forces and the intergovernmental friction, which have increased of late. The political fatigue of many members of the government has become apparent, with most “cases” coming from the open front of PASOK. However, even within the New Democracy, introversion and gloom are apparent, while several MPs continuously emit a sense of defeatism.

With the vote of confidence, in Maximou mansion, they seek to prevent possible leakage, not so much in the election of the President of the Republic, but more importantly for the crucial package of measures that will be brought to Parliament with the State budget of 2015. Essentially, in the government they speak of a “mat” move to government MPs who are considered “ambivalent” for voting against the measures, photographing the intergovernmental opposition “factions” of “Papadreikon” and “Karamanlikon’.

Moreover, it will put an end to discussions about early elections, in order for the government to win political time, and in particular a quarter, until February and the election of the President of the Republic.

From the government headquarters they are stressing that with this particular “maneuver” they plan to put an end to the open discussions that destabilize the country and the economy at such a critical juncture, using as a minimum example the meteoric rise of greek spreads in recent days.

From Maximos they believe that the vote of confidence will function as a decompression valve to the continuously escalating tension of recent days, which works to the benefit of SYRIZA, as it uses the momentum to gain a significant lead in the polls.

Based on Article 84 of the Constitution, the debate on the vote of confidence begins two days after the submission of the proposal, which means that if the government proposal is filed on Monday, the debate will start on Wednesday, while immediately after the end of the debate, which lasts three days at the most, the voting will take place.