Samaras: “SYRIZA is an accident that should not have happened”

Samaras: “SYRIZA is an accident that should not have happened”

Athens, April 25, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“SYRIZA is collapsing everywhere, collapses at the opinion polls, but also morally”, said the former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who from the floor of New Democracy Congress, estimated that ND is at the “threshold of a new victory” for the good of Greece.

Unleashing a fierce attack on the SYRIZA government, he noted that “the moral advantage of the Left has become the shortest joke”.

“We’ve been through a lot, but we did so with the head up”, the former prime minister said, adhering to the policy the ND set during his governance, at the start of his speech at the ND congress. “As a party we should be proud of our history”, he added.

“SYRIZA is a mistake on itself. It is an accident that should not have happened”, said the former prime minister, attacking the government and added that the Greeks know now, 15 months after January 2015, which faction told the truth.

Referring to the current Prime Minister he criticized the fact that he “moved to a parallel universe and refuses to see what is happening around him. He wants us to congratulate him for the recession he brought. He brought the capital controls and wants us to give him the thumbs up”.

Challenging the surpluses for which the current government boasts, he said that they are based on the fact that the state stopped paying its arrears and to “the sweep of the treasury of public bodies”. “We created real surpluses for two years in a row”, said the former prime minister.

Speaking on the refugee issue, Samaras said that the “illicit flows” increased tenfold and stressed that “in our days there wasn’t this phenomenon”. “There was a problem then as well”, said the former prime minister, charging the SYRIZA/ANEL government with an “open invitation” and the opening of the borders. “He has the audacity to speak of humanity”, Samaras said, describing with the darkest colors as the situation in Eidomeni, Piraeus and hotspots, and the activities of NGOs, many of which, he argued, are working with the traffickers.

“The absolute priority is for the Tsipras government to leave”, Samaras stressed, adding that “it is playing with matches in a fuel depot”. Indeed, the former PM referred to the “reform movement” to be done across the spectrum of issues and described the tax reduction as a basic condition for the development of the country. “Only with such reforms we will be able to become an equal partner in Europe”, added the former prime minister. “Nobody is left out in this reform revival of the country”, Samaras said, making an opening to other reformist forces, but describing New Democracy as the backbone of the reform movement. “The King of the Left is naked”, he emphasised.

“We represent the future”, he continued. “Kyriakos Mitsotakis expresses the need of Greek society to return to the path of reforms. He knows how to do this”, he said and concluded by saying that the New Democracy Congress is “a Congress of win, a final victory over populism, a Congress of unity and hope”.