Samaras raises the tones against Tsipras

Samaras raises the tones against Tsipras


Review Hari Stefanatos

The Greek Prime minister Antonis Samaras chose to escalate the attack against the main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras, who accused of seeking to disrupt the political life in Greece and “subvert the national effort”, during his speach to New Democracy supporters in Thessaloniki on Thursday.

Samaras claimed that Tsipras is using the elections to destabilize the country and urged the Greek people to turn their backs on  “those who are preparing political anomalies”.

The Prime Minister argued that the most difficult period is coming to an end, reiterating his intention not to accept another bailout package or any new austerity measures, while appearing confident of his party victory in the elections.

Samaras also proceeded in making several announcements, notably the creation of a second NERIT channel (national television channel) based in Thessaloniki, and the beginning of the process for the relevant constitutional changes that will allow the operation of private universities in Greece.

Finally, the Prime Minister said that he will present his growth plan that will see the living standards of the Greek citizens recover to the levels they were before the crisis, by 2020.

(Source: Tovima)