Samaras to the PG of ND: What we are witnessing today is the beginning of a heart attack

Samaras to the PG of ND: What we are witnessing today is the beginning of a heart attack

Athens, June 30, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

What we are witnessing today is the start of a heart attack, said to the Parliamentary Group of New Democracy, the party president Antonis Samaras attacking the government.

“The destruction they are preparing for us will be unprecedented. There was improvement but in five months brought us to closed banks, stoppage of payments and a step before bankruptcy and social unrest. Think where the country was six months ago”, he said, and stressed that “the real question is yes or no to Europe and the euro, nothing else. And a ‘no’ leads not only to exit from the euro, but to chaos”.

“The exit from the euro would lead to huge risks, and our society weak to obtain anything. Europe prepares emergency humanitarian aid for Greece, “said the president of the New Democracy and added: “with the exit from the euro the country’s debt will not be written off. We will pay up the debt in euro with undervalued drachma. This will result in an unprecedented crisis”.

“In the absolute leveling that will follow, everything will be destroyed except of one big party state. This will stay upright and will dissolve everything. Unemployment will double. Where a large state prevailed, societies were led to chaos. In this chaos they have led us, when all other countries were led to growth. Up to now, we lost 30% of the GDP in six years and now we were recovering, in a few weeks we will lose 50% of the GDP”, he said.

“They lead the country in a referendum-parody”, Samaras said and stressed that SYRIZA government puts to Greeks a dangerous divisive dilemma.