Samaras aims for control of ND and recognition abroad

Samaras aims for control of ND and recognition abroad

Athens, April 28, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

To maintain control of intraparty developments tries the president of Greek main opposition New Democracy, Antonis Samaras, while also attempting to stimulate his European profile with visits in Europe, meetings with key persons of the “Eurosystem” and speeches, like the one next Wednesday to the Parliamentary Group of EPP in Strasbourg.

The central aim of the leader of the Greek main opposition is to stay in the “power game” and show that he is the central factor of the center-right and any developments will pass developments.

Samaras will have contacts in Strasbourg with members of the European Parliament on Tuesday night to the sidelines of an event of the European People’s Party, in which he will speak.

The President of the New Democracy will meet with Shultz and the head of the Socialists and Democrats of the EP political group, Pittella and Verhofstadt, while it is possible he will have other bilateral contacts. Samaras’ aim is to support efforts to reach an agreement and to make it clear to partners that the Greek people do not wish to exit from the eurozone. ND appreciates that the rupture strategy with partners, which believe is followed by the government, is leading the Greek economy to very difficult situations.

In this logic they demand from the government to immediately proceed in an agreement with the partners, while carrying out the commitments undertaken by the country. Indeed, they emphasise that the money government of ND had left have gone, a sum identified in 1, 9 billion euros, since, as they stress, the government did not have any serious strategy for how to act.

Apart from his movements at European level, Samaras also launched Saturday from Patra his attempt to convince society and especially the center-right party and popular base, of his own political narrative, while on Tuesday morning he will attend along with former Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis at the annual memorial of the founder of the New Democracy and “patriarch” of the Greek center-right Konstantinos Karamanlis, at the namesake foundation in Filothei, Athens.

That is why he said from Patra that “we, as ND, warned about the dangers of false hopes cultivated by SYRIZA. Some had told us at the time that we were speaking of dangers that weren’t there. Now, everybody understands that we were just saying the truth! And what’s more they understand that SYRIZA was the one who fooled them”.

Alongside the launch of multi-conferences in the capital of Achaia, Samaras attempts to show that the party remains united under his leadership of and there are no talks of a change of page.

Samaras will also attempt, as far that is possible in a party that is a political “hibernation”, to make an organisational, ideological and political reconstruction. But to achieve this, it presupposes the existence of unity in ND and that is why he used the phrase “all together we can”.

The former PM also invests in strengthening his European image, but also to consolidate the view that he will be again at the forefront of the political game if there are developments in Greece. A few days ago he met in Athens with Deputy European Commission and former Prime Minister of Finland Jyrki Katainen, while the day after tomorrow he will talk face to face with the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz and the next week we will have a meeting in Brussels with the President of the European Commission and personal friend, Jean-Claude Juncker.

At the same time, in the New Democracy camp, there is mobilisation not only from the main “players”, such as Dora Bakoyannis, Nikos Dendias and Euripides Stylianidis who stand critically against the leadership, but in the next days there will be a dinner with the participation of more than ten personalities of the “blues” who were in parliament until its dissolution in January.