Salafi leader trial continues

Salafi leader trial continues

Podgorica, February 25, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

BiH Court resumed on Wednesday the trial in the case of incitement to terrorism against Husein, aka Bilal, Bosnic, informal leader of Salafi movement in BiH, who is arrested in September 2014, in police operation“Damascus”.

The trial begun in the middle of February with Bosnic being accused for incitement to terrorism, for Salafi movement members going to Syria where they joined ISIL forces and the organisation of a terrorist group in BiH. On Wednesday, BiH Prosecution office interrogated two fathers of young movement members. One of these youngsters died in battle and the second is still fighting on ISIL side.

Witnesses Hasaga Crnjenkovic and Muharem Borovac confirmed that their sons, before departure in Syria, went to the village Gornja Maoca, a famous Salafi community in BiH, and the village Osve, near city of Maglaj, where many members of this movement purchased houses from local Serbs and established a second community. Crnjenkovic said that his son Amir went in Syria eight months ago and that his friends, sent picture of his dead body to family over Skype.

“His death has no link with Bilal Bosnic. He was religious but had never said that he will go to Syria. After his departure, I spoke with my son several times and he told me that he was in war and that, before departure, he attended prays in Buzim, where Bosnic was speaking, but Bosnic have nothing to do with his destiny”, said Crnjenkovic.

Borovac also confirmed that his son was visited Gornja Maoca, Osve and Buzim before leaving for Syria. His son is still fighting in ISIL forces.

Earlier on this trial, several other members of Salafi movement spoke about path to Syria and what they found there. Some of them, who expected a Sharia state in Syria, were disappointed with the way of life they found there and came back to BiH. Seid Huseinovic said on trial that he was in Syria two times and that he met 24 BiH citizens in ISIL forces. Six of them died in the battle between local forces in Halep and ISIL forces and, after that, Huseinovic decided to return to BiH.

“I met Bosnic on two occasions near Sarajevo Airport accompanied by Nusret Imamovic”, Huseinovic said.

The trial will resume on March 3 with two new witnesses.