Safety makes Slovenia good for business, says daily Delo

Safety makes Slovenia good for business, says daily Delo

Daily newspaper Delo writes about security as Slovenia’s asset in Monday’s front-page commentary, noting that the country is perceived as safe not only by tourists bit also by foreign investors.

The paper says that Slovenian hoteliers and others who live from tourism will pinpoint safety as the single most important reason for last year’s excellent results, but that many feel embarrassed because many tourists have come to Slovenia because they consider the cities they would prefer to visit unsafe.

“Should we feel embarrassed because a tourist finds refugee in safe Slovenia? Does this make us war profiteers? Not at all. We need not be embarrassed, let us be satisfied that we are safe.”

“Apart from tourists, Slovenia is also perceived as a safe country by foreign investors. There are not as many as we would want, but new ones are coming…

“Security experts like to say that safety is like air. Only once it is gone, you realise how important it is. So keep safe and breath deeply,” concludes the paper in Keep Safe./IBNA

Source: The Slovenia Times