Safer Internet Day 2018: Only 20% of Bulgarian businesses have an ICT security policy

Safer Internet Day 2018: Only 20% of Bulgarian businesses have an ICT security policy

Only 20 per cent of Bulgarian businesses using computers had a IT security policy, lower than the EU average of 32 per cent, EU statistics agency Eurostat said on February 6.

Citing figures for 2016, as the world marks the annual Safer Internet Day on February 6, Eurostat said that 50 per cent of Bulgarians who went online provided personal information, compared with an EU average of 71 per cent.

The figures may suggest that Bulgarians are among the more cautious internet users in the EU, compared with their counterparts elsewhere in the bloc.

Just nine per cent of Bulgarians provided payment details online, compared with an EU average of 40 per cent.

Forty per cent of Bulgarians put contact details online, against an EU average of 61 per cent, while 19 per cent put personal details online, against an EU average of 51 per cent, according to Eurostat.

Meanwhile, the Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre (SIC), founded in 2005, has announced details of Safer Internet Day 2018 activities.

It said that Safer Internet Day 2018 in Bulgaria will be the starting date of a number of nationwide activities organised by more than a dozen organisations, institutions and business partners of the SIC.

“The common theme of all the activities will be the digital and media literacy as one of the strongest preventive factors ensuring safe and positive use of internet by children and youth,” the centre said.

At a national event in Sofia, at a traditional award ceremony, three of the cyberscout squads formed by 5th graders trained by the SIC in 11 towns and cities will receive certificates of achievement from the Ministry of Interior for the best initiatives they prepared and conducted among their peers.

A new SIC mobile app – SafeNetApp, for Android and iOS – will be publicly unveiled. It provides quick access to the SIC Helpline and Hotline, a password strength checker and a test to check one’s knowledge about safer use of internet. At the event several initiatives and campaigns will be launched from the newly formed by the SIC Coalition for Digital Media Literacy in Schools, to continue until March 17 2018.

All schools will be invited to participate in a school campaign using prepared by SIC presentations and lesson plans for pupils from first to 12th grade, dedicated to digital and media literacy. The schools will also be provided with a prepared invitation and plan for a meeting-discussion with parents.

The Voice of the Children Foundation, a member of the Coalition for media literacy, will conduct a competition among teenagers for an essay, video or podcast on the topic “The truth is…”. The best material will be published on the youth media portal and the winners will have the possibility to pass training with professional journalists.

The Council of Children of the State Agency for Child Protection, a member of the SIC Advisory Board, will organise, with the support of local authorities, public discussions in more than a dozen regions in the country after the showing of the documentary “Whom Are You Facing in the Net”.

The SIC and Telenor Bulgaria, also a member of the Advisory Board, will launch an online campaign against online hate speech.

The DigitalKidZ® foundation, a member of the Advisory Board, will start a new six-month programme “Open Code School” conducting training of teachers and pupils in a dozen schools around the country.

The digital media literacy month will end with a parents’ forum on March 17 in Sofia, where representatives of SIC and renowned experts in various fields will talk and discuss with more than 300 parents their fears and doubts connected to the use of ICT by their children and the possible risks for them. The forum is co-organised by the SIC, Telenor Bulgaria and the online media for parents MaikoMila…/IBNA