Sad Procession from Visoko to Potočari

Sad Procession from Visoko to Potočari


By Nevena Šarenac – Sarajevo

Lines of trucks that carried the remains of 409 people from Srebrenica that were killed in 1995 left yesterday from Visoko, passed through Sarajevo and continued along the way to Potočari.

After 409 more victims are buried on 11 July, the number of graves in Potočari will be 6.066.

The sad procession of the columns was briefly in Sarajevo, in front of the BiH Presidency near the monument dedicated to the killed children in Sarajevo, and then towards Markale market and near Vijećnica.

Many citizens of Sarajevo gathered this morning at these locations in order to pay their tributes to the victims killed in the Srebrenica genocide, who will be buried in the Potočari Memorial Center in Potočari

Among a number of citizens, representatives of public and political life in BiH, FBiH, Canton Sarajevo and City of Sarajevo, and the diplomatic corps and international organizations in BiH, members of the families of victims from the Srebrenica genocide also attended.

The vehicles that carried the remains of victims from the Srebrenica genocide were covered with the state flag, and members of the families carried pillows on which the names of the killed members of their families were written, and they also carried pictures of their loves ones and those who were still missing. Families were on both sides of the street and watched as the column passed through the streets of Sarajevo.

Member of BiH Presidency Bakir Izetbegović, who attended the procession, pointed out that it is time for everyone in BiH, and the entire region to confront what happened in Srebrenica.

“It is about time for everyone in the region and in BiH to face what happened in Srebrenica, with the genocide that occurred in Srebrenica. It is time for a resolution to be adopted in BiH, the kinds that were adopted throughout the civilized world, so that the truth could be confronted so we could then attempt to build peace, a better future in BiH’’, said Izetbegović.

Mayor of municipality of Srebrenica Ćamil Duraković, who said that this year is different than the previous year, also paid tribute to the victims.

“Today in Sarajevo almost the entire state elite attended, from members of the BiH Presidency, those who are with us and who empathize, from the Ministers in the Council of Ministers, FBiH government and others’’, said Duraković.

The remains of these victims will arrive at 17:00 at the Memorial Center in Potočari.

“Tomorrow, when participants to the Peace March arrive, they will be transferred to the religious part of the Memorial Center, where they will be laid to rest. The number of victims speaks of the proportion and dimension of this crime, especially newborns. Whenever I think of this, certain emotions are evoked. 44 boys between 14 and 18 years old will be buried. This speaks of the intentions of this crime, which has a precise name, and that is genocide, which can no longer be denied’’, said Duraković.