Sacked commander of the Serbian Gendarmerie promoted

Sacked commander of the Serbian Gendarmerie promoted


By Miloš Mitrović – Belgrade

Bratislav Dikić, who had been dismissed from the position of the Gendarmerie commander, was appointed deputy director of the Serbian police, Vanja Vukić, Interior Ministry state secretary confirmed on Sunday. The director of the police Milorad Veljović had demanded Dikic`s dismissal from the prime minister Ivica Dačić last week.

Veljović requested Dikić to be sacked because of the double homicide committed by the member of the Gendarmerie near Rekovac, 164 kilometers from Belgrade. “The perpetrator does not represent the Interior Ministry, or the Gendarmerie. He is degenerate in our country”, Veljović said. “Enough is enough”, he explained his motivation for the dismissal request, alluding to the earlier “sins” of Bratislav Dikić. The crime had been committed last Monday.

Veljović, who is now supposed to closely cooperate with Dikić, sharply criticized him ahead of the dismissal. He said that he had been refraining from comments regarding “certain developments” in Niš, southern Serbia; according to media accounts, several members of Gendarmerie unit in Niš, including Dikić`s brother, have been involved with the numerous “criminal activities”.

“I didn’t want to interfere in the Sector for the internal control domain”, Veljović explained.

“There is no policeman, including the police director, as well as the commanders of the units and Gendarmerie commander that could be above the system, above the state. The dismissal represents the warning for the other elders that… they should not tackling the cadre problems in the Interior ministry or its Directorate, rather than resolving the problems in their own units”, Veljović said after he had submitted the request for the Dikić`s dismissal.

On the other hand, Dikić insisted that the “real motive” for his dismissal was “completely unclear”. “Citizens of Serbia, brothers and sisters, it is obvious that somebody does not like my old Serbian manners and my Serbian identity in Serbia, our country. But the time will come for the change”.

“I will not allow to anyone, including the Director of the police, to disrespect my merits and my professionalism that was affirmed during the 23 years long police career. Director said regarding the murders that the absolute liability and culpability are the same. From that point of view, we are both responsible”, Dikić said last week.

Dikić was appointed for the Gendarmerie commander in June 2009. His officially remarkable career had been followed by the scandals. In media reports, Dikić had been associated with the cases of racketeering, blackmailing, usury, illegal eavesdropping and kill lists.

Vanja Vukić announced that the work of all heads of Interior Ministry units would be analyzed. “In such a huge system dismissals are regular and carried out on a daily basis”, Vukić said.