Russian gift costs Serbia dozens million euros

Russian gift costs Serbia dozens million euros

Russia has gave Serbia six MIG 29 jets; their reparation and reparation of four more MIG jets which are at the disposal of Serbian military would cost 185 million euros in total, defense minister Zoran Djordjevic (Photo) said today. At the press conference Djordjevic said that it was planned all aircraft to reach level of fourth generation fighter, after their modernization.

“This is the most important thing that happened in our army in last 30 years. Three phases of modernization are planned for incoming three years. We will try to acquire as many weapons and equipment of fourth generation as possible”, Djordjevic said.

Six MIG 29 jets have been used in Russian army so far, minister said. “We asked them (Russians) not to use them anymore. The equipment which Russian use for communication should be dismantled as we would accommodate them (jets) to our needs”, Djordjevic explained.

According to planes Serbia would use 10 MIG 29 in the next 14 years. Earlier this week prime minister Aleksandar Vucic and Russian defense minister Sergey Shoigu agreed in Moscow purchasing jets.

Sreto Malinovic, retired Air Force general, said today that the price of repairing Russian aircrafts is too high. “Serbia could have purchased brand new  squadron of multifunctional jets with 30 years expiring date from India or China, rather than paying reparation of six Russian used MIG 29s”, Malinovic said./ΙΒΝΑ

Photo: Zoran Djordjevic