Russian Embassy to BiH: It is time to stop foreign meddling in BiH internal issues

Russian Embassy to BiH: It is time to stop foreign meddling in BiH internal issues

The Embassy of the Russian Federation to BiH, which usually does not support the Peace implementation Council Steering Board (PIC SB) statements regarding the situation in BiH, regarding the last statement took an unusual step, deciding to explain why it was against this statement.

In light of the present situation in BiH, PIC SB issued a statement and expressed full support to the work of the BiH Constitutional Court and all of its judges. The PIC SB says that the Court’s decisions are final and binding and that they must be implemented by the respective authorities. But, the statement was not supported by the Russian Federation.

In the explanation, the Embassy of the Russian Federation to BiH said that “the time has come for a free independent and sovereign BiH from foreign meddling, 25 years after the end of the armed conflict and the signing of the peace agreement”.

The Embassy says that the development of the internal political situation in BiH as a result of the decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH on agricultural land in Republika Srpska causes serious concern.

“We cannot but notice that the decision caused a unanimous reaction from one of the constituent peoples, which estimated that their constitutional Dayton rights are violated. We are convinced that this must not be neglected – a key to the prosperity of BiH is a comfortable life and cooperation between all the peoples based on equality, mutual respect, compromise, and consensus”, reads the statement.

The Russian Embassy says that the newly-arisen situation is causing new tensions that cannot contribute to neither the strengthening of mutual understanding nor the rule of law or sustainable economic development.

“In this context, the subject of foreign presence in BiH deserves particular attention as it obviously does not correspond to the reality in the country. This pertains to both the OHR and foreign judges in the Constitutional Court and politics of certain representatives of the International Community who are still telling the domestic authorities how they must behave, and even, which is particularly worrying, are putting ultimatums on democratically elected representatives”, the statement goes on.

The Russian Embassy says that a proposal of a draft bill on the BiH Constitutional Court, which two constituent peoples want to be reviewed by the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, is a possibility stipulated by the BiH Constitution with a view to taking an important step towards freeing the country from foreign protectorate.

The Embassy of Russia in BiH calls on all sides to approach this issue in a constructive and serious way and to make a decision through compromise in keeping with Dayton principles of equality of the peoples, in the spirit of dialogue and compromise.

“We think that such actions under current conditions represent the best way out of the current situation and a way to avoid raising tensions which are not in the interest of any of the sides”, it is stated.

Despite the fact that this Russian position means support to Serb member of BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, there is still no reactions from Sarajevo. Dodik and his good political friend, leader of the Croatian Democratic Union BiH Dragan Čović, have tabled the draft Law on the Constitutional Court for parliamentary procedure. The draft does not provide for positions of foreign judges in this Court. That is something that Bosniak MPs would never approve.

It also means that the current crisis in BiH will last for a long time./ibna