Russia satisfied with Serbian position on Crimea

Russia satisfied with Serbian position on Crimea


By Milos Mitrovic – Belgrade

Serbian leaders have said that Serbia will not do anything to harm Russia and we are satisfied with such position – this is the answer of Russian ambassador to Serbia Aleksandar Chepurin who has been asked by the journalists what was the demand of Moscow to Belgrade with regard to Ukraine crisis. According to Chepurin, Ukraine crisis “was ended easily, without escalation”.

At the debate called “Kosovo and Crimea: similarities and differences” held in Belgrade on Thursday, Chepurin has said that “comparison of the two “gives the clear picture – Kosovo was cut off from Serbia and Crimea decided to join Russia”.

When asked what would be the position of Russia if European Union strengthens the pressure on Belgrade in order to make its stance on Ukraine harmonized with the position of the West, ambassador said “actually this is not question for us”.

“Politika” daily commentator Miroslav Lazanski, who also took part in the debate, has added that Serbia now has “excuse” not to side with Russia or EU; “German Foreign Minister has said that the countries that have good relations with Russia should not be pushed to define their positions”, Lazanski explained.

Ambassador Chepurin said that the reaction of Serbia to events at the Crimea was “adequate”, stressing that in 1999 Kosovo was separated from Serbia by military aggression and that Crimea has recently “united with Russia by absolute support of its citizens which are not all ethnic Russians”.

When asked by a journalist what he thinks on statement by Viktor Yanukovitch, overthrown Ukrainian president, that Crimea should reunite with Ukraine, Chepurin answered with question: “What was the source of that information?”; “France Press”, journalist specified getting another answer from Chepurin: “You should follow Itar Tass news”.

Chepurin refrained from commenting the statement by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic that National Assembly may adopt the new resolution on Kosovo and Metohija “following the new moments in world politics”.

Earlier this week Nikolic said there were “different developments in world politics that could weaken the self-confidence of Pristina and lead Belgrade to reconsider whether Serbia may offer the final solution for Kosovo that would be in accordance with the Constitution, international law and reality”.