Rumors for Erdogan’s health

Rumors for Erdogan’s health


He wants Interpol to issue a red notice against Gulen

By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

Panic was caused in Turkey when rumors regarding the state of Erdogan’s health started to circulate, according to which, the prime minister is being treated in a hospital in Ankara.

The rumor was created by the former MP of the Justice and Development party, Fevzi Isbaran. After the circulation of this information there was the announcement for the cancellation of two electoral campaign rallies, which further intensified any existing fears.

Indeed the prime minister did not make an appearance on Thursday. A few hours later the turkish prime minister’s doctors reported that Erdogan’s health is good. However, according to the newspaper Radikal, he had complained for intense pain in his back and for this reason he chose to rest at home for 24 hours. No one is giving any more information. The fact is though that he has left his home in order to attend two electoral campaign rallies.

Erdogan stated that “in the public elections on May 30 we will make the choice between the old Turkey and the Turkey that we are building. The old Turkey means crisis, governments of coalitions, corruption and restrictions. We are building a new Turkey”.

In regard to the issue of the sound documents and the kickbacks that the Turkish prime minister’s family appears to have been taking, the government leaked the information that a US recordings company in its report states that all documents were “montaged”. It seems that there is an attempt to create impressions.

The scenarios for Erdogan’s future

In the turkish press however two scenarios are circulating regarding Turkey’s future.

The first scenario predicts Erdogan’s removal from power and the election of a new prime minister inside AKP.

However, in the government they stress that immediately after the public elections on March 30 the prime minister will proclaim early elections to be held along with the presidential ones this August.

At the same time, the war against the islamic order of Gulen will intensify. Information state that Erdogan wants to issue a “red notice” to Interpol against Fethullah Gulen with the charge of the creation of a criminal and even a terrorist organisation, so as to be extradited to Turkey from the US, where he has been living for the last 15 years.