Ruling party announces Aleksandar Vucic’s presidential bid

Ruling party announces Aleksandar Vucic’s presidential bid


Aleksandar Vucic will be nominated as the candidate of the ruling SNS party in this year’s presidential elections in Serbia.

The party’s presidency made the decision unanimously on Tuesday afternoon.

This has been confirmed by Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, who spoke to reporters after the meeting.

“Vucic, unanimously,” he said.

Vucic, SNS leader and currently Serbia’s prime minister, only commented shortly to say that “a statement is being typed” and that it will be “very precise.”

Earlier on Tuesday, President Tomislav Nikolic said that citizens would learn this evening “or tomorrow” who will be the SNS candidate.

They will hear this from Vucic, the president explained.

“I think we have agreed on almost everything. Perhaps you will hear it this evening from Aleksandar. Not today, and I was not trying to avoid you,” the president told reporters who asked whether he would run again.

“Of course Vucic can win, even more easily than I, but I can also win. I don’t see it as a bad thing that someone thinks (Vucic is a better candidate), but they should not be presenting that unless it’s the position of the party,” said Nikolic.

Asked about the support of the SNS, Nikolic, who was visiting the University Library in Belgrade, said it was split evenly between those backing him and Vucic, while the one who becomes the party’s candidate “will receive all of its votes.”

“The Gallup poll was clear – both Aleksandar and I have a chance to win. We will decide what’s best for Serbia. Don’t expect some decision of ours to disturb relations in Serbia,” the president said.

When asked whether it was possible he would “not cooperate with Vucic if Vucic becomes a candidate,” Nikolic replied: “It is not.”/IBNA

Source: B92