Ruling coalition stands united, Dodik says

Ruling coalition stands united, Dodik says

Republic of Srpska ruling coalition leaders met on Thursday in Banja Luka to discuss a number of questions and problems that have been raised in the last several months between coalition members.

One of the largest sparks in this mandate raised the proposal of Socialist Party minister, Petar Djokic, for the sale of Ljubija mine to Israeli Investment Group despite the warning of coalition partner, Democratic Peoples Alliance, and its leader Marko Pavic, not to go in that financial adventure. The decision was supposed to be confirmed by RS National Assembly, but the majority of MPs rejected that proposal. Just a few days after the RS NA session, the third and biggest member of coalition Alliance of Independent Social Democrats leader, Milorad Dodik, said that DNS betrayed the coalition in Zvornik local government. DNS demanded the change of minister Djokic, but the Socialist party demanded the change of DNS ministers. After a lot of disputes that reached the public, leaders finally agree on one thing – it is necessary to sit and talk about problems.

Although after the meeting it appeared as if they are united, rumors said that the meeting was not so peaceful. During the press conference, Dodik several times repeated that the ruling coalition operates united and that there is no chance for a break-up, and that this is a topic only for the opposition.

He added that coalition leaders confirmed that they will be united in the future despite the different opinions on certain issues, such was the “Ljubija case”. Dodik said that this case is now solved and that it will not be discussed again.

“We gave full support to the RS, as you have seen through the voting of the majority in the RS NA. It was clear that the opposition initiative on Government withdrawal had no support”, Dodik said.

He added that the collapse of the coalition is the way for opposition to capture public attention. It is interesting that, despite the story about coalition unity, the leaders agreed to meet again next week to analyse the implementation of the coalition agreement, which was signed at the beginning of this mandate, when it was  concluded that the agreement must be strictly implemented.

Dodik said that the period until the next meeting will be used for analysis of activities of local organizations of these parties, especially in municipalities where they do not work as a coalition. Leaders expect to agree principles for further action by these organizations.

Dodik stressed that coalition parties leaders expressed the readiness to work together after general elections next year in BiH. Djokic stressed that “certain issues” which are the points of dispute are normal because they are not the same party. However, he stressed that these issues are not a reason to break the coalition agreement and that all solutions must be in the best interest of citizens, not the parties.

For opposition coalition, “Alliance for Changes”, this meeting was everything but a nice session of old coalition friends. Miroslav Brckalo, Party of Democratic Progress MP in RS NA, said that the cracks in the ruling coalition is obvious and the gap is becoming deeper every day. At a press conference in Banja Luka, Brckalo said that he can count about ten issues on which there is no agreement in the ruling coalition and represent the points of break.

“We will see how they will go to the next election”, Brckalo concluded./IBNA