Rule of law is the key for Kosovo’s development

Rule of law is the key for Kosovo’s development

Pristina, 25 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Lack of the rule of law continues to remain a crucial issue for the state of Kosovo.

President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci declared today that more efforts should be made to guarantee an efficient functioning of the judicial system.

“Rule of law is the key for the development of Kosovo. Nobody can evade justice”, declared the president of the country following a meeting with the new minister of Justice, Dhurata Hoxha.

Thaci also expressed his support for the efforts being made to complete the Criminal Code and said that this incentive should be finalized as soon as possible.

“Kosovo has the best Criminal Code in the region. But if flaws are identified in it, then it is important to address them”, Thaci said.

Meanwhile, minister Hoxha told the president that she is committed for the reformation of the legislation of Kosovo and showed her commitment as new minister of Justice that nobody is above the law and that there will be no double standards, as everyone is equal in front of the law. /