RS Trade Union Alliance opposes new Labour Law

RS Trade Union Alliance opposes new Labour Law

Sarajevo, December 24, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

RS Trade union Alliance is disappointed with the latest actions of RS Government during the negotiations on the new Labour Law in this entity. This Trade Union was one of the participants in negotiations in last several months and tried to make changes in the draft Law in order to, as they said, protect the workers rights.

President of the RS Trade Union Alliance, Ranka Misic, said on Thursday that the Law would be in the parliamentary procedure next week and announced that the organization which she lead will organise demonstrations in front of Parliament building during the discussion on the Law.

“All the masks have fallen. It is obvious that the International Monetary Fund, with the authorities in both BiH entities, already created the labor laws in and that they must be adopted as a condition for approval of a new tranche of credit”, Misic said at an extraordinary press conference held in Banja Luka.

She pointed out that for RS Trade Union Alliance it is clear that the RS Government adopted the Law which, as she believes, reduce workers’ rights, even before starting negotiations with the social partners. Yet, Misic says, Union representatives are invited to negotiate, but only as a prerequisite for the division of responsibility for the adoption of this unfavorable laws.

“Regardless of those who live on the margins of existence, the disenfranchised workers, the ruling majority will adopt the RS Labour Law which grant amnesty to those that led the employee to such a state”, Misic said.

She pointed out that these methods of the RS Government emerged this institution from negotiations with the social partners and opened the way for the establishment of the Social Economic Council at the state level. Misic said that the Union did not agree to such blackmail and will therefore organize a protest in front of the RS National Assembly on the day of the session at which this Law will be put on the agenda.

“I must emphasise that the RS Government is solely responsible for our decision to protest. This year concession to the IMF was the Labour Act and we are concerned about what it will be next year, Misic said, adding that she again sent a letter to the Prime Minister of RS, Zeljka Cvijanovic, and the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, asking them once again to re-examine this bill.

She said that RS Trade Union Alliance has already sent a request for holding a protest Banja Luka Police and the protest will be held in accordance with the law. A special session of the RSNA, which will be discussed drafts of Labor Law and the Police and internal affairs law, is scheduled for December 28.

The president of RS Trade Union Confederation, other workers organisations, which have less members than the “official” Trade Union Alliance, said to the media that he is not against new Labour Law and that it can be good for workers, but with some small changes necessary to provide certain solutions.