RS and Serbia to cooperate against terrorism

RS and Serbia to cooperate against terrorism

Banja Luka, July 29, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

The Ministers of Interior Affairs of RS and Serbia, Dragan Lukac and Nebojsa Stefanovic, agreed on Friday in Banja Luka that a closer cooperation in the battle against terrorism is necessary in the region and, therefore, it is essential that police agencies of RS and Serbia extend their cooperation.

After the meeting, they announced that forces from RS and Serbia will hold a joint exercise of special units, while steps will be taken for these ministries to be more efficient in fighting terrorism. Lukac said to SRNA news agency in Banja Luka that two ministries must work together on this issue.

“We must improve this cooperation so that our anti terrorism special units better know each other in order to jointly respond to threats on cross-border parts of Serbia and BiH”, Lukac said.

He expressed hope that in BiH will not experience situations like those that recently took place in Kumanovo, FYROM. But, he also emphasized that BiH still has a large number of para jamaats that exist in the Federation of BiH, that a large number of people is returning from the Syrian front, where they were involved in the military action in ISIL, we can expect terrorist actions, because they have experience in that kind of crimes. According to him, RS Ministry of Interior must be ready to respond to any challenge on the issue of terrorism.

“We also discussed the issue of migrations and concluded that the immigrants were detained on the territory of Serbia and did not enter the territory of BiH. As such, we didn’t have major problems with them, even though there were a lot of announcements that this would happen, especially in the last year”, Lukac said.

Serbian Interior Minister, Nebojsa Stefanovic, explained that the joint exercise will take the place in August, and that its purpose is to show the level of training and readiness to act in complex conditions and prevent complex situations of terrorist action and neutralize potential terrorists who could perform this acts. He added that Serbia in the exercise would engage the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit, Gendarmerie and all other police units required to demonstrate proficiency and readiness.

“I hope that by then we will be able to train adequately to have a good performance in these tasks, because it is not only a demonstration of skills, but can also be a real situation. So, it is good that citizens know that they have a police that is able and willing to carry out such tasks”, Stefanovic stressed.