RS sent its report to the UN Security Council

RS sent its report to the UN Security Council

A few days before the UN Security Council discussion about BiH, the Republic of Srpska sent its report about the situation in the state and the main challenges in the future.

This specific report is special because RS authorities, leaded by entity president Milorad Dodik, pointed out the Bosniak SDA party as the main reason for the unstable situation in BiH and as the main supporter to terrorists in the country. In his covering letter to this report, Dodik pointed the “efforts by the SDA to undermine the stability and functionality of BiH”. He also said that RS undertake some activities to defend its constitutional and legal rights in keeping with the Dayton Agreement and reforms needed for BiH’s European integration. In the letter addressed to the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, Dodik said that RS in the first part of the report explains the SDA activities aimed to undermine the security and functionality of BiH and the cooperation in BiH.

“The SDA is trying to cause a crisis by attacking the legitimacy of RS, attempting to ban the marking of the day when RS was created and threatening it with violence. Such actions by the SDA are part of a wider pattern of undermining the stability and functionality of BiH and the cooperation between the entities and the constituent peoples in BiH”, Dodik says in the letter.

This part of the report presents the, as is was said, evidence to the fact that the SDA contributed to turning BiH into a safe haven for jihadists, and this represents a serious threat to BiH, Europe and the rest of the world.

“RS voters have recently brought a huge victory to the ruling coalition in RS and thus sent a strong message of support to the RS Government and its policies, including economic reforms and protection of rights given to RS by the Dayton Agreement. Also, voters in RS have recently voted in a referendum on RS Day, a RS holiday, where a huge majority voted for maintaining the present date as a holiday”, stressed RS President in the letter to UN Secretary General.

He added that, despite feverish claims by SDA officials, the referendum had nothing to with the territorial integrity of BiH and was organised in keeping with positive regulations. The referendum, as Dodik said, was a step in implementing the decision of the BiH Constitutional Court of November 2015. The decision, according to Report,cannot be reasonably interpreted as a ban on RS to mark the date of its creation. The letter says that the second part of the Report explains why the recently published results of the BiH population census are untrue and legally invalid.

The third part of the Report points out RS’s strong support to BiH’s integration with the EU and examines reforms necessary for a continued progress.

“RS continues to invest energetic efforts in BiH’s accession to the EU by way of, among other things, the implementation of the Reform Programme headed by the European Union. In the third part, we deal with important reforms of court and prosecutorial institutions at the level of BiH which are necessary for the European integration”, Dodik says in the letter.

RS President says that the aim of reforms is the removal of prosecutorial discrimination of Serbian victims of war crimes, reforming the judiciary by way of the structured dialogue, abolishing the role of foreign judges in the BiH Constitutional Court and halting the abuse of judicial institutions for political ends.

Dodik also emphasized that RS is convinced that BiH can be a stable and successful part of Europe provided that its Dayton structure is respected.

“I kindly ask you to submit the Report and its addendum to UN Security Council members. If you or UN Security Council members need information other than that contained in the Report or answers to eventual questions regarding its content, I will be pleased to submit it to you”, Dodik says at the end of the letter.

Traditionally, Dodik sents this letter before International Community High Representative, Valentin Inzko, submits his report to the UN Security Council. Usually, these two reports are completely opposite to each other and every time seems that there are two different countries named Bosnia and Herzegovina./IBNA