RS President Milorad Dodik Proposed Dissolution of B&H in Belgrade Last Night

RS President Milorad Dodik Proposed Dissolution of B&H in Belgrade Last Night


By Medina Malagić – Sarajevo

Last night, the President of the RS entity in B&H Milorad Dodik attended an event called ‘Get to know Srpska, Get to know yours’ in Belgrade, organized by the Students Association for International Cooperation of the Belrade Law Faculty and the Presidency of the RS entity of B&H in Serbia.

He announced in his address to students and others in attendance that the best solution for B&H would be to agree to a peaceful dissolution of the state, differentiating it from a secession.

In what is a continuation of the rhetoric for which President Dodik has become known, a platform was provided for him last night to openly continue making public statements in which the sovereignty of B&H and its continuing viability as a state is contested.

”It is best for the RS to be state, and they can create their own country. However much someone resists it, this will happen one day. We only need to have patience”, said President Dodik.

There is a level of absurdity that is acutely present in B&H politics today, both on the local and international scene. The tenuous links holding the country together, making it somewhat functional, and the continuous affirmation by the international community of the sovereignty of the current borders of the state of B&H exists side by side with an equally vociferous outcry by RS officials such as Dodik, who exercises immense power in this B&H entity, for the complete dissolution of B&H.

What tends to follow Dodik’s comments are swift reactions from officials in the FB&H. Representatives of the Party for B&H (SBiH) said that since Dodik and his SNSD party were not able to succeed on improving economic and social policies in the RS entity, they have turned to to talks on the dissolution of the state of B&H as a form of compensation. The Press office of the SBiH reminded that the Dayton Peace Agreement confirmed the sovereignty of the state of B&H based on its current internationally recognized borders.

The last President of Yugoslavia and the former President of Croatia Stjepan Mesić, on occasion of the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement on 21 November said that the international community ‘has to eliminate all the elements from politics that that do not recognize B&H or who are actively working to undermine B&H’’.

Former President Mesić warned that a nonfunctional state ultimately leads to an increase in nationalism. What is interesting to note is that while Dodik calls for the dissolution of B&H into three separate ethnic enclaves and stresses B&H cannot function as a centralized state, his argument stops there. It denotes this idea that a multicultural state is bound to fail, that the difference of interests between the various groups in B&H are too disparate to lead to a progressive state.

He said that B&H is a state of ”mass legal and political violence” by the international community.

Former President Stipe Mesić added that nationalism has its own goals. The question that remains now is what are the actual goals of President Dodik and his supporters as they continue to foment nationalism.