RS Chief Auditor Dusko Snjegota submits resignation

RS Chief Auditor Dusko Snjegota submits resignation

Just two days after RS president, Milorad Dodik, demanded the resignation of RS Chief Auditor, Dusko Snjegota, or the majority in RS National Assembly (RS NA) would vote for his change, Snjegota on Thursday “left his mandate to RS NA”, which means that this institution will decide about his destiny on this position.

Opposition parties leaders consider this move as a resignation since Dodik’s Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), and its coalition partners, have absolute majority in RS NA and can vote for Snjegota’s change regardless of opposition votes. Just day before, on Wednesday, Snjegota was defending the Auditing Report of the Consolidated financial statements (CFS) for the year 2016, for the users of the Republic of Srpska budget. In Report, The Supreme office for RS public sector auditing stated that the budget deficit in 2016 was over 170 million BAM (85 million Euro) and not about 45 million BAM (about 22,5 million Euro). After the Report was publicized, RS Government said that this is not correct and that Snjegota and auditors are making a falsification in agreement with opposition leaders.

Snjegota answered with an open letter in which he stated that this financial audit, as well as all audits that have been done so far, was conducted in accordance with the Law on public sector audit in the RS and in accordance with the professional auditing standards that every Supreme audit institution in the world uses in its everyday work, and their use is prescribed by the law which is applied in the RS. The report of the conducted audit, added Snjegota, was made and published within the deadline set by the law and in accordance with the statutory procedures.

“From the aspect of the applied auditing methodology in its preparation, the manner of reporting and pointing out on identified failures and deficiencies, and providing audit recommendations, etc., there is no specificity or difference in relation to any other published auditor’s report so far. Regarding to the comments which was presented to the public, which are not based on the findings from the audit report, we would like to categorically deny any political commitment of the Auditor General and his team and The Supreme office for RS public sector auditing as supreme audit institution in RS, as well as allegedly attempt to blackmail the RS Government or any other public institution, mislead the public and etc., through tendentious reporting and cooperation with representatives of certain political options in the RS and BiH or foreign organizations, Snjegota stresses in the letter.

But after the RS Government meeting on Thursday, RS Minister of Finance, Zoran Tegeltija, said that the International Monetary Fund also concluded that the Report is not presenting the real situation. Allegedly, during that time, Snjegota was on a meeting with Dodik. The result is that Snjegota didn’t openly say that he is leaving the position, since RS NA is the address which appointed him on this post, and the same institution is responsible to remove him from the office.

Opposition leaders in RS, again in separate statements, said that Snjegota made mistake with this move and that it is now obvious that Dodik has made this entity a ghetto. On the other side, Dodik said that Snjegota’s act is “an act of a responsible and professional man” who understood the intentions of opposition to use his name and work for their political battle in RS./IBNA