Romania’s opposition to submit no-confidence motion against the government

Romania’s opposition to submit no-confidence motion against the government

Romanian Prime Minister Florin Citu unveiled the Relaunch and Resilience Plan (PNRR) to lawmakers in parliament May 26th in a bid to defuse opposition pressure.

However, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) finally pledged to file a motion of censure on the PNRR issue on June 14, reported.

In principle, the government can count on sufficient support to survive the motion, which will be used by the opposition mainly to highlight the “austerity” measures planned by the executive in relation to the PNRR.

In his speech, Prime Minister Citu acknowledged that there is a list of reforms that Romania needs to make, reforms that have been delayed for 30 years, as he said.

There are reforms that Romania needs and are not imposed by the European Commission, said the Prime Minister, echoing the views of the Minister of Investment and European Funds Cristian Ghinea, who rejected the idea of ​​a “list of obligations” released to the media after a leaked list of reforms. in the press.

Regarding the Restart and Resilience Plan itself (PNRR), including the attached list of reforms, “the document will not be made public before it is sent to the European Commission,” said Cristian Ghinea.

The government has pledged to release the documents by June 2nd. “We will be among the few EU Member States to publish the entire document,” said Cristian Ghinea./ibna