Romania’s Nicholas comes forth with explanations after being withdrawn royal title

Romania’s Nicholas comes forth with explanations after being withdrawn royal title

Bucharest, August 11, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Daniel Stroe

Nicholas Michael Medforth Mills, grandson of former King Mihai I of Romania, says he will try to serve his ideals and principles in another manner, mentioning that the position of Prince of Romania demands a hard-to-accept conduct, a day after his grandfather withdrew him the tile “Prince of Romania”, sparking a flared debate in Romania on the future of the monarchy.

He reacted in a press release today, a day after the King’s announcement created a stir. “On Saturday, August 1, 2015, His Majesty King Mihai I, my grandfather made the decision to withdraw my title of Prince of Romania and the place in Line of Succession to the Crown of Romania. This decision, which I assume, follows a period in which I have meditated to the future of our country and of our House, as well as to the role I could play in their progress. The position of Prince of Romania and the presence in the Line of Succession to the Crown of Romania impose a way of conducting my life I find difficult to accept. Which is why, with much sorrow in my soul, I believe the decision of His Majesty the King is welcome to me. I’ll look in the future to serve my ideals and principles in another way,” says the former prince, according to a release by the Office Bureau of His Majesty King Mihai I.

Prince Nicholas thanks to all those who granted him their confidence, support and hope. “I thank everybody who, during the years I’ve been amidst the Romanians, confided in me, have granted me their support and hope and who have supported me in my initiatives dedicated to Romania’s progress. In my new circumstances, I’ll look to dedicate further to the environmental activities, to the youth and charity actions, of which I’ve learned so much during my stay in Romania. I also wish to thank to the public central and local authorities for the openness in supporting the common projects, and in particular to my family, for the love and understanding they have surrounded me with here. Hopefully, God will further protect the Romanian nation and the Romanian Crown,” adds the King’s grandson, who this time signs Nicolae Mihai de Roumanie Medforth Mills, without any royal title.

King Mihai has withdrawn his grandson Nicholas the title of “Prince of Romania.” According to a Monday’s release of the King’s Press Office, “grandson Nicholas, son of Princess Elena, the title of ‘Prince of Romania’ and the style of ‘His Royal Highness’.” The King also excluded Nicholas from the line of succession to the Crown of Romania. These decisions have come into force that very day, the source specifies.

Prince Nicholas was born on April 1, 1985, in Geneva, son of Princess Elena and of Professor and UN expert Robin Leslie Medforth-Mills. In 2010, upon his turning 25, King Mihai I conferred him the title of “Prince of Romania” with the “Royal Highness” style, in a ceremony at the Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest.

As of 2007, according to the Fundamental Rules of the Royal Family of Romania, Prince Nicholas had been the third in line to the Crown of Romania. The Royal House confined to saying the demands the title involved were no longer compliant with the young man’s living style, citing his penchant for environmental, youth and business related projects.