Romania’s lack of success on the Schengen path keeps it out of the migrants’ path

Romania’s lack of success on the Schengen path keeps it out of the migrants’ path

Bucharest, November 24, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Irina Stoica

Becoming a member of the Schengen Treaty has been Romania’s main target for the past few years. But now it seems that the lack of success on the Schengen path brought along some benefits.

Because Romania is not a member of the free travel area, migrants were not encouraged to use the country as a route to the EU. At least that’s the opinion of the Chairman of Parliament’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) Oversight Committee Mihaita Calimente.  Anyway, he expects the migration flow to stay quite high in the near future.

“The pace of migration has not abated and there is no foreseeing an abatement, despite the winter conditions, in the flow because they might think Germany will say stop and close its borders, and that is why those en route want to get there and the migration flow, despite the weather worsening, will stay quite high”, Calimente said at Parliament House after a meeting with SIE Director Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu.

Asked what will happen with the refugees that should have arrived in Romania this November, he said that as far as he is concerned they will not arrive too soon, because they cannot be forced into coming. “An attempt was made at their identification in Italy, but to no avail, because they are free there, there are no camps or centers to impede their movement. In my opinion, a very personal opinion, they will not come here too soon because they cannot be forced into coming, into leaving countries such as Italy or Germany, both in the Schengen Area, to come to a country that is not in the Schengen Area. They are well informed people who know what it is all about and probably they do not want to come to Romania”,  Calimente stated.

He also said that “the fact that Romania is not in the Schengen Area discourage the migrants from coming to Romania right now or in a foreseeable future. As long as the routes currently operating stay open to Central Europe and Western Europe via the Balkans, there is not temptation of coming to Romania”.