Romania’s Iohannis unveils new defense security strategy before the Parliament

Romania’s Iohannis unveils new defense security strategy before the Parliament

Bucharest, June 22, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Daniel Stroe

President Klaus Iohannis unveiled yesterday the National Defence Strategy of Romania called ‘Powerful Romania in Europe and the World’ before a joint session of the Parliament, underscoring the document literally translates into a “declaration” Romania is making.

He stressed the National Defense Strategy also encompasses both the national defense and security strategies. “The National Defense Strategy is the president of Romania’s legal obligation. This document, however, is not and must not be an act of will of a person or some institutions. The National Defense Strategy is much more than that. It is a declaration Romania is making. It seeks to answer certain needs and expectations and it targets the state, the society and citizen alike. By its objectives and content, the National Defense Strategy relates, in fact, the defense and national security as a whole and the two concepts go together”, Iohannis told a plenary sitting of the legislature.

The whole process of drawing up and completing the strategy was a lengthy one and included the consultation with specialists and representatives of the institutions having tasks in this sector, the civil society, the academic circles and the political parties, the head of state underscored. He stressed that powerful Romania in Europe and the world is the future and the vision set at the foundation of the National Defense Strategy.

“Powerful Romania is a nation of citizens whose rights and freedoms are defended. A powerful state respects and protects its citizens. It is by no accident that we have included among the national security interests ‘the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of all citizens and the guarantee of their safety’,” the president said.

He mentioned the consolidation of the strategic partnership with the United States of America, the strengthened profile of Romania in NATO and the EU, deeper cooperation with the neighboring states and the states at NATO’s Eastern flank and boosting the regional cooperation as highlights among the national security objectives that the Strategy asserts.

“The main guarantor of Romania’s security is the North Atlantic Alliance. Romania, in turn, is powerful in a powerful North Atlantic Alliance and in a powerful European Union. The pledge made by all the political parties to increase the defense budget up to 2 percent by 2017 is the signal that Romania understands the requirements of the moment and takes upon itself the responsibility of being a security provider, not only a beneficiary, a country that projects security and stability in the area. Besides our being a NATO member, we must prove that we have the required capabilities to participate in collective defense”, he pointed out.

Iohannis explained that the National Defense Strategy brings several novelties, among which an extended national security concept. “Besides the elements relating defense, public order or the intelligence and counter-intelligence activity, security can no longer be separated from a competitive economic environment, from financial-budgetary stability, from the existence of public systems — education, health, pensions — that should be functioning and adjusted to the changes, from the protection of the critical infrastructures or the capability of responding to environmental problems”, he said.