Romanians trust their President, firefighters and Army

Romanians trust their President, firefighters and Army

Bucharest, December 22, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Irina Stoica

The Presidential institution is on the rise in terms of people’s trust. The latest nation-wide opinion poll shows that Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has gained additional rates, whereas the Orthodox Church saw itself losing public trust.

An INSCOP survey made public on Tuesday also shows which domestic institutions the Romanians trust the most. These are the Firefighters, the Army and the Gendarmerie, while NATO, the UN and the EU top the list of trust in international institutions.

With a 51.2 % level of high and very high confidence expressed (as to 46.3% in September), the Presidency leads the ranking of confidence in political institutions, while Parliament is at the opposite end with 12.8% high and very high confidence (as to 10.9 % in September), followed by political parties with 8.6 % (7.6 % in September). Second place in public trust ranking is the Mayoralty with 37.6 % as to 36.3 % in September, followed by the Constitutional Court with 32.8 % high and very high confidence (as to 35.1 % in September 2015). The Government comes next with a chunk of 30.9 % of the respondents’ confidence (25.2 % in September) and the County Council with 22.9 % (20.6 % in September).

In the ranking of trust in executive institutions, the Firefighters hold the lead in November (this institution was for the first time entered in INSCOP polls) with 77.5 % high and very high confidence. The Army is next with 75.4 % (as to 73.8 % in September), followed by the Gendarmerie with 65.8 % (compared to 63.7 % in September). The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) is fourth with a capital of trust of 61.2 % (as to 60 % in September). Next come the Romanian Intelligence Service with 51.3 % (50.3 % in September), the Foreign Intelligence Service with 50.9 % (48 % in September), the Police with 48.9 % (51.7 % in September), the National Bank of Romania with 46.7 % (49.5 % in September).

Leader in the ranking of the social and private institutions is the Church with an aggregate 56.3 % of high and very high confidence (as to 61.2 % in September). Second ranked are universities that enjoy the trust of 43 % of the respondents (as to 44.6 % in September). Media institutions end the list with a level of 35.7 % high and very high confidence (compared to 34.5% in September), the organizations of civil society with 30.2 % high and
very high confidence (compared to 30.5 % in September), employers’ organisations with 19.7 % (compared to 18.7 % in September), trade unions with 18.6 % (as to 21.2 % in September) and banks with 17.6 % (compared to 17.8 % in September).

The survey also found that topping the ranking of international Institutions is NATO with 55.7 % (compared to 57.6 % in September). The UN comes second with 54.8 % high and very high confidence (56.6 % in September 2015), and third is the European Union with 50.5% (52.7 % in September 2015). Fourth is the European Parliament with 45.6% (47.8 % in September), the European Commission with 43.5 % (45.7% in September). The ranking is closed by the World Bank with 33.8 % (41% in September) and the International Monetary Fund with 29.5 % (33.9% in September 2015).