Romanian PM decries energy war led by Russia in the region

Romanian PM decries energy war led by Russia in the region

Bucharest, May 11, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Daniel Stroe

Prime Minister Victor Ponta today argued, in the opening of the Regional Cyber Security Summit hosted by Bucharest, that Romania represents a stronghold of security in a complicated region, where difficult wars are being carried out, especially in the energy area, referring to Russia using gas a coercion tool.

“In this complicated region, where Romania represents a stronghold of security, stability, predictability, we have a few wars we are carrying out at the same time. Fortunately, there aren’t conventional wars, as is unfortunately happening in the east of Ukraine and in other areas, but there are wars that are as difficult. We have, in the first place, a war in energy and I was often saying that the main weapon of the Russian Federation in this war isn’t represented by aircraft or tanks or missiles, but is represented by gas and energy with which they can blackmail the region and Europe,” Ponta said at the Palace of Parliament (the former communist era built People’s House, the second largest building in the world).

As concerns cyber security, the Prime Minister pointed out that cyberattacks take place every minute, but there are specialists who manage to block them.

“Each minute, each second there are attacks on the data systems, on the advanced technological, communication systems, which some people, whom you never see on TV, whom the press doesn’t write about, but who exist (…) and manage to block, providing us the capacity of using the internet and the television and the control system of air and railways transports,” Ponta added.

The Prime Minister underscored the importance of the partnership between Romania and the USA in ensuring the cyber security which he said it can build a safer world and an environment in which security, but also economic development should not live each second under the threat of cyberattacks.

In his turn, Bruce Andrews, US Deputy Secretary of Commerce, underlined the US sees many opportunities in the further development of relations in the cybersecurity field with Romania. “One of the best ways to help Romania protect its networks is by continuing to implement new projects. Romania became a leader on the informational technology market. And, when I say this, I will give you just one example: here we have Bitdefender, a Romanian company that launched a revolutionary solution in cybersecurity named Box, strictly designed for domestic users. We already know that Romanian is the second language spoken in the Microsoft offices around the world,” Andrews underscored.

The Regional Cyber Security Summit is organized by the Information Society Ministry, the US Department for Commerce and the Commercial Service of the US Embassy in Bucharest with about 17 countries attending it.