Romanian car maker Dacia has sold its 3 millionth car since privatized

Romanian car maker Dacia has sold its 3 millionth car since privatized


By Daniel Stroe – Bucharest

The Dacia Renault Group has sold three million cars since 2004 to present day, with the three millionth vehicle, a Dacia Sandero Stepway model, sold to a customer in Spain, the company announced today.

“With three million vehicles sold in less than ten years, Dacia is a unique case in the world auto universe. The Dacia brand has created and maintained a strong confidence and proximity climate with the customers, all thanks to a simple and clear promise which answers the very expectations of a clientele in search of reliable, safe vehicles, with modern equipment and performances at accessible prices”, said Nicolas Wertans, world sales manager of the Renault Group, as quoted by state news wire Agerpres.

The company is expecting an excellent year in terms of sales which rose by almost 25 per cent over the first semester of 2014. In Europe, sales rose by 36.2 % over the first six months of the year thanks to its youngest range of car models in the whole world. At the same time, in the Mediterranean area, Dacia has also managed to increase its market share in all the countries in the region despite economic hardships.

Dacia is about to start selling in Israel late this year after successful entrance in 2013 on markets in Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Cyprus and Malta.

Romanian car manufacturer Dacia, founded in 1966 and since 1999 owned by Renault, accounts for about 10 per cent of the country’s exports and 3 per cent of the national GDP. Last year it produced about 430,000 units, with France being the main market.Dacia produced its first Western standards car in 2004, namely the Logan model which has enjoyed massive success worldwide.

Romania’s car market reached 16.88 billion Euros in 2013, up by 26 per cent compared to 2012. Last year, Dacia sold 93 per cent of its production while Ford, based in Craiova, SW Romania, sold its entire production, according to Constantin Stroe, head of the Romanian Car Markers’ Association. New cars registrations were also up by 26 per cent in September compared to same month of 2013 and sales are expected to hit a high once the government-backed “First Car” program will be launched. Government officials believe the program could raise sales volumes of new cars by 1 billion lei (about 226,000 Euros) per year.