Romanian airliner opens route to Danube Delta

Romanian airliner opens route to Danube Delta


By Daniel Stroe – Bucharest

A Romanian airliner opened internal and international routes to the Danube Delta with a view to promote tourism in the second largest river delta in Europe.

Ten Airways will operate flights from Bucharest to Tulcea, a town lying next to the delta, and from Bergamo (Italy) and Frankfurt (Germany) to Tulcea. “Two international flights will add to the three weekly flights from Bucharest to Tulcea. The Bucharest-Tulcea flights will be operated three times a week, namely on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Two international flights will be added, at prices starting from 29.9 Euros: Bergamo-Tulcea, Tuesday and Friday, and respectively Frankfurt-Tulcea, on Sunday” Ten Airways said in a press release.

The flights will operate under the brand Fly Romania. “We believe that, by opening the Bucharest-Tulcea route, we will contribute to bringing more foreign tourists closer to the Danube Delta. At the same time, access to the delta and the seaside will also be facilitated for the Romanian tourists living in Western Romania thanks to the route Timisoara-Bucharest-Tulcea, enabling the possibility of transfer to Constanta. Due to long distances, 16-18 hours long train rides, from Western Romania to the seaside, many tourists chose destinations in the West, more accessible” the company also explained.

A 30 minutes long flight from Bucharest to Tulcea will have a fix price of 49.9 Euros, while one from Timisoara to Bucharest will cost 69.9 Euros. Prices include catering services and transport of a 7 kilograms carry-on and a 20 kilograms cargo luggage. The company will use MD-82 and MD-83 aircraft which previously belonged to Alitalia.

Ten Airways also opened additional routes from Timisoara and Bucharest to Verona, Genova, Barcelona, Palermo which could add to efforts to increase the number of foreign tourists in the Danube Delta.

Local authorities in Tulcea are investing 14 million Euros to modernize the airport and seek funds from the World Bank to further modernize the airport and the Danube port and also to promote tourism in the Danube Delta. Four Arab investors were aboard the inaugural flight to Tulcea on Friday, seeking investment opportunities in a region with a huge tourism potential. Local operators say tourism in the Danube Delta grew by 20 per cent last year and expect the numbers to be even higher as new transport routes are opened.