Romania: UDMR still undecided over motion of censure against gov’t

Romania: UDMR still undecided over motion of censure against gov’t

The UDMR will decide on election day whether or not to support the PSD’s motion of censure against the government, Union President Kelemen Hunor said in an interview with Adevarul on Tuesday. He also clarified that he had not negotiated with the PSD in favor of the proposal and that he had held no discussions with the PNL either, adding, however, that the UDMR had “a thousand reasons” to want the government to fall.

Kelemen Hunor said the UDMR would make an “extremely sensible” decision because it did not want to be a “collateral loser” in a political war that was not its own.

According to Kelemen Hunor, there are three scenarios that could be considered if the motion of censure passes, but the best solution would be to form a coalition with a majority in parliament. With the parliamentary elections approaching, a PNL-USR PLUS-UDMR coalition would be “one of the viable options” that would provide greater stability, he concluded.

Although the Social Democrat leaders announced late last week that they would decide yesterday on the date of the debate and the vote on the motion of censure, there does not appear to be a consensus on this point yet.

At the same time, the PSD seems incapable of stopping the transfer of its local elected officials and MPs to the PNL. According to political sources close to the PSD, two dates are set for the motion of censure; 31 August or 14 September.

Local Elections

The Election Bureau of the Municipality of Bucharest has published the list of candidates registered to run in the local elections. Eighteen candidates will run in the elections on September 27, 2020 for the position of Mayor of the Capital. The press reports that the candidacy of businessman Viorel Cataramă, whose more than 94,000 signatures of supporters were canceled due to “obvious resemblance”, was rejected by the Election Bureau.

Candidates include incumbent Mayor Gabriela Firea (PSD), MP Nicuşor Dan (backed by the PNL and USR-PLUS alliance), MEP Traian Băsescu (PMP), Senator Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu, former AL Of the Environment, Ilan Laufer (National Identity Power Party) and Bogdan Stanoevici (Independent Social Democratic Party), former Minister for the Romanian Diaspora. /ibna