Romania: President thanks parties that did not attend the motion of censure debate

Romania: President thanks parties that did not attend the motion of censure debate

Yesterday’s session of Parliament, during which the motion of censure tabled by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) was to be debated upon and voted on, did not take place due to the absence of a quorum.

“I thank the political parties that stood by us and shared our view that the proposal was unconstitutional, and did not participate in a quorum. Those are the Union Save Romania (USR), the People’s Movement Party (PMP), the Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania (UDMR) and the Group of National Minorities. I would like to thank the MPs who understood that Romania needs a government and who did not support the PSD’s political craze”, said Prime Minister Ludovic Orban.

For her part, National Liberal Party (PNL) First Vice President Raluca Turcan said it was possible that the motion of censure was based on “reasons related to the PSD’s intraparty elections”. According to Turcan, “there is no majority to overthrow this government”. In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister clarified that members of the government had negotiated with each MP in order to reject the motion of censure tabled by the Social Democrats.

USR President Dan Barna wrote on his Facebook page that the Romanian parliament had lost a day to “convince the PSD that its motion of censure is ridiculous and cannot be approved”, adding that yesterday, a political crisis was averted.

For his part, the leader of the Alliance of Democrats and Liberals (ALDE) Călin Popescu-Tariceanu said on Monday that the impossibility of discussing the motion of censure due to the absence of a quorum constituted not a victory for the PNL and President Klaus Iohannis, but rather a “defeat” for the Romanians who deserved to get rid of an “incompetent” government.

PSD President Marcel Ciolacu said the party would decide in the coming days whether to submit a new motion of censure to a regular session or whether it would try to proceed to the vote on the proposal already submitted. PSD MP Alfred Simonis said the Social Democrats no longer intend to vote on the motion of censure at the regular session, starting today.

Political analyst Radu Magdin also believes that the chances of the motion of censure were “clear” from the beginning and its outcome “predictable”, as it was a “power play that did not end in favor of its instigators”. For Magdin, the PSD should then “promote itself more as an alternative to the National Liberal Party”, which will also have a chance to gain political capital thanks to the results of its management during the coronavirus health and financial crisis.

For political scientist Cristian Pîrvulescu, the motion of censure by the Social Democrats is either a “mistake of analysis” or a “desperate action”. The absence of a quorum was “predictable” for him, as the Social Democrats’ (PSD) majority in parliament is still “fragile”. The analyst confirms that, despite this failure, which represents for the leader of the Social Democrats “a better solution than the rejection of the motion of censure”, the PSD will be able to continue to “impose its opinion” until the parliamentary elections. However, the current position of the government and President Iohannis is “strengthening”.

Sociologist Marius Pieleanu, meanwhile, believes that “there is neither a winner nor a loser” after the motion of censure could not be debated and voted on, as based on legal and parliamentary arguments, each party would have its own “obviously logical and justified” explanations. The PSD will regret the absence of a quorum, while the PNL and its allies will await the ruling of the Constitutional Court. The sociologist believes that no motion of censure will be tabled again before the local elections on September 27, because, in addition to the legal difficulties deriving from such an approach, Romania’s main priority is the consistent implementation of public policy measures to protect public health”.

In an analysis entitled “The traitors of the Left”, the website Ziare notes that the recent omissions and absences of five (5) MPs underline the loss of the parliamentary majority by the Social Democrats./ibna