Romania: Polls open for Romanians abroad

Romania: Polls open for Romanians abroad

Today’s opening of the polling stations overseas, where the voting will take place for two days, tomorrow and the day after from 7.00 to 21.00 (local time), signaled the kick-off for the 2020 parliamentary elections.

Due to the different time zones, however, the voting will start today on Friday (Romanian time) and will last until Monday (Romanian time).

Given the pandemic conditions, the Romanian Foreign Ministry has set up 748 polling stations abroad compared to the 417 in 2016.

*The Romanian Foreign Ministry has also posted an interactive map with polling stations abroad and has set up a call center for Romanian voters abroad.

The interactive map, which can be accessed at, allows voters to locate the polling stations near them and choose which one to visit to exercise their right to vote, in order to avoid the risk of overcrowding in some polling stations abroad (as has been the case in the past). /ibna