Romania: Parliament Bureau’s meeting has been cancelled

Romania: Parliament Bureau’s meeting has been cancelled

The sitting of the Parliament’s Bureau, which would set the timetable for the debate on the motion of censure and the vote on it, has been postponed. The government is rushing to close legislative gaps in the face of possible early elections.

The meeting of the House and Senate Presidencies, during which the timetable for discussing and voting on the motion against the government was to be set, was not held today in the absence of a quorum, after PSD officials did not attend.

It was reported that the Government was preparing a series of decrees clarifying issues relating to the election of mayors in two rounds, the holding of early elections and the election of heads of prefectural councils. A transitional government would not be authorized to make such decisions.

Faced with the prospect of being overthrown after the motion of censure, the Orban administration is preparing the ground for early elections. With an urgent government decree expected to be issued today, the Government seeks to outline the timetable for early elections, aimed at shortening the time allowed by the law, possibly by half.

Therefore, while in the case of a normal election process the date of the election must be announced 90 days prior to the election day, in the case of early elections there is talk for shortening this period to 45 days.

The shortening of the time limits also affects the time given for the creation of polling stations, the filing of applications, and the duration of the election campaign.

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said yesterday that PNL would not be voting for another government if the motion was approved by Parliament. At the same time, he stated that he does not intend to resign in order to speed up the early-election process. /ibna